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Brian Ortega and Volkanovski Set to Coach TUF

Sorry for all of you Volkanovski stans out there, but I had to use a picture of the UFC fighter with the best hair in order to get clicks.

However, getting back to the actual story, Ortega and Volkanovski have agreed to coach the UFC's reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter for its 29th season. This comes after Volkanovski had to pull out of the pairs scheduled title fight at UFC 260, due to a positive Covid-19 test. Their pairs title fight was already a hot topic among the usual MMA social media channels, with many fans bringing up their insatiable desire to see Max Holloway defeat Volkanovski and return to his rightful place at the top of the Featherweight division, and while I agree for the most part, punishing the rest of the division and forcing them to put their title hopes on ice because of the stupidity of a few judges is also tough. It seems we're stuck between a rock and a hard place, and the judges put us here.


However the pair accepting, and for that matter even being offered by the UFC to coach TUF 29, is a punch in the gut to MMA fans everywhere. We not only need to wait another few months to get this title fight, but the division that has been one of the most stagnant in the UFC in the last year gets a chance to kick its stagnation another few months down the road. And I don't even see the point to this pairing in TUF coaching, as anyone that has watched the show might know, the bigger the rivalries the better the trash talking gets during the season, and where are the verbal wars between Ortega and Volk? Nowhere that's where I tell ya. There is more of a case for Holloway-Volkanovski 3 to be a TUF pairing than just some random title fight between a newly humbled and bald Brian Ortega and a guy who's been bailed out by the judges one too many times.

I swear Max Holloway is going to become the Aaron Gordon Dunk Contest of the UFC if this happens again.

At least when the EPO Warrior TJ Dillashaw coached against Cody Garbrant there were multiple storylines to play off of, such as TJ's redemption shot for a title against his own former teammate that kicked the ass of the man who TJ lost his title to. When you look at something like that, its no wonder that was one of my favorite seasons to watch as a 17 year old kid. Yes I was obviously a little immature because looking back on it, both men were pretty cringe, but at least their EPO-fueled rivalry was REAL.

Well, aside from all that, all I can say is, while I am not looking forward to watching these two timid Timmy's go at it with murmuring odd, manufactured-for-camera trash talk at each others faces, I am at least excited for one more season of my favorite reality TV show. Welcome back The Ultimate Fighter...I've missed you.

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